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A Poop Bag Dispenser Never Looked so Classy!

A Poop Bag Dispenser Never Looked so Classy!

SKU: d81d373f

INSTACHEW Petkit Dog Poop Bags with Completely Leak Proof, Thick and Strong Eco-Friendly, Unscented, Easy Detach & Open Waste Bags Bags = 8.7 x 11.8 inch

Meet the PETKIT Waste Bag Dispenser - a fashionable and sleek way for you to carry your pet's waste bags. This dispenser is easy to attach onto any surface, using the included strap, whether its a harness, leash, or handbag. Each bag is large enough to place over your hand to pick up waste with ease, and the waste bags are made out of recycled materials and are thick, leak-proof, and unscented making them safe and non-toxic. The top of the dispenser easily unscrews off in order to refill the waste bags. Each roll of waste bags contains 15 bags and is easy to replace.

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