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Indoor Toilet Tray, Durable Plastic

Indoor Toilet Tray, Durable Plastic

SKU: 4000610051087

Indoor Mesh Dog Toilet Tray
Small Dog Toilet
Material: Plastic

For house-bound dogs and owners

Also for housebreaking and emergency use

Approx. 14 in X 19 in

Use with pee-pads, newspaper or even litter!

  • Easy to Clean: The indoor dog potty uses environmentally friendly plastic with holes, no need to worry about wet paw prints. What you need, just rinse with soapy water.
  • With Simulated Pillar: This dog training pad set contains a real pillar, which can make your puppies relax and pee on the pad!
  • Ideal for busy owners with dogs. WC with simulation wall is more suitable for male dogs. Easy to install, just insert it into the grid.
  • Fenced design to prevent splashing outward, offer you and your dog a cleaner environment.
  • Plastic attached to prevent sliding on the floor. High quality mesh to keep urine away from paws.
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