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Welcome to "Scratch My Butt"

This blog is about the intersection of dogs, mental health, and life change. The pandemic set into motion a long list of tragedies and trauma - while simultaneously robbing me of the tools to manage. To put it mildly, I lost my marbles. All of them.

Unable to stop crying or regulate my emotions, I quit my job- a special education teaching career- and... and what?! I had no other skills, no direction. My dog, Kevin, was my connection back to life: quite walks, play at the dog park, chit-chat with other dog lovers and the solace of snuggling on the couch.

Scratch My Butt was born out of the unexpected smirks when I was otherwise down, the giggles when I was otherwise turned to the darkness inside and the nudge of a wet nose when I didn't want to get our of bed.

Like me, Scratch My Butt is a work in progress. Building an online store around the joy my dogs bring, crawling back to mental health and blogging about the whole affair to keep it real.

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