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Mental Health and Dogs

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Dogs have healing powers. I always knew that, but I never knew that -until now. This blog will chronicle the journey we are taking together as I rebuild my life and we rebuild family and relationships together.

The pandemic affected everyone in some way or another, am I right?! I have to start the story before the pandemic to understand the fall... I was stable! Mom of three, happy marriage of 30 years and 28 years of teaching. I loved, loved, loved, teaching special education middle school students with emotional and behavioral disorders. They are buckets of fun and I hope to share some stories as we go. That is not to say my life was perfect. I just said stable.

Five years before the pandemic hit, I was fired from my teaching job of ten years. This is not easy to do, mind you. I think it means I pissed off the administration and the union. I was devastated but not ready to accept or understand the temper and arrogance behind it. Really not ready to address the deep roots of anger, anxiety and depression.

Shortly before the firing we adopted two 4 month old puppies. Isobel, a Schnauzer mix and Baxter, an Australian Shepherd mix. Each was rescued from a different unhealthy situation. Trauma affects animals in much the same way it affects humans. Both pups had issues, but they were very different. Isobel was shy and timid. Baxter had resource guarding aggression issues. Not to worry, we will train them and love them into good citizens. We were almost empty nesters – we had time! We didn’t have near enough time.

Lets take a minute to consider what these dogs may have been through.

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